To make something come true, you must first dream it and believe it!

Vannucci Piante raises the concept of nursery to the dimension of a park.
Pistoia Nursery Park is the first in Europe and aims to be a flagship in its sector.
An experiment in beauty. A place where winding, irregular paths break forever the traditional straight lines of a nursery.

A delightful, unusual showroom displaying the most spectacular examples of large “ready to use” plants, provoking reflections, intuitions and ideas to help create future projects.



Daytime reveals, but night amazes.

Our world-famous partner, iGuzzini, transforms light into a trace, a mark and a guide.
So our park is born under the star of the thoughtful and spectacular design
of this leading lighting company.

The nursery as symbol of sustainable design and innovation – to this end, iGuzzini specifically designed the lighting to create a unique spectacle of the nursery at night, to suggest a new way
of seeing the beauty of nature, even without the sun.

The lighting installations are by architect Mario Cucinella.